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$13.5 Jeweler's Loop New With Carring Box 20x Power Magnaification
This is a brand new in the box jewelers loop, great for E-BAYERS, hobbyists with many, many uses. It comes in it's own little carrying box or you can put in on your own lanyard. You may notice in my other listings I have different size and magnifications, some with lights for easy viewing or checking currency. Others like this one make it much easier to see I.D. marks on pottery, books, toys. It really is endless in it's applications. This comes ...  More
A compact professional photo studio on your desktop! Only our light boxes has 11" x11" diffuser acrylic panel on top for softer wrap around lighting, mostly boxes on eBay has just bare bulb! * New! Smart Light Box. It takes more than an excellent camera to produce a perfect photograph!When it comes to photographing objects, you need the proper lighting tool.Our light box is an excellent lighting tool for product photography.The Smart light box is ...  More
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